ISN IBDP results in the last 5 years

In the spring of each year, more than 150,000 candidates at around 3,000 schools in almost 150 countries take IB Diploma examinations. Each year, the International School of Nice candidates consistently perform well above the world average.

The annual IB Diploma examination results are accomplishments our whole ISN family celebrates, including teachers, students and parents.

ISN 2020 results

Our diploma pass rate was remarkable. All our candidates for the full diploma passed. This gave a diploma pass rate of 100 percent, well above the worldwide average.

The highest score this year was 43 points.

To our delight, the International School of Nice students achieved a high rate of external examination success, the majority integrating into first-choice university programmes at leading institutions worldwide.

Average Score

With the pass mark being 24 points, ISN diploma candidates achieved a mean diploma average total points score of 32.