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Sustainable Development at ISN

Integrating Sustainable Development into the curriculum at ISN is a fundamental aspect of who we are and our values.

In fact, it is so important to us that it is incorporated into our Vision: “to prepare today’s learners to confidently embrace challenges as adaptable, empathetic global citizens who will be active contributors for a more sustainable world”; and is part of the ‘I’ of the ISN Mission:  “we INSPIRE our diverse community of learners to take a proactive role as responsible global citizens”

It is also integrated into our definition of Global Competence, crafted to reflect the depth and breadth of a concept at the heart of a 21st century education: Global competence is an on-going process to critically understand the connections between environmental, economic and social forces, to understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others, to engage in respectful, open interactions with people from different cultures in recognition of our shared humanity and guardianship of the planet, to carefully evaluate causes and possible solutions to local and global issues and to act ethically for collective well-being, peace and sustainable development.

So, how do we put this into practise at ISN Nice?

We are an Eco-School

The Eco-School Programme

Our Green Team (with members from all grades) actively participates in the implementation of Sustainable Development at ISN. They are currently leading the Eco-School Project.

This global project is a remarkable opportunity for the whole school community to work together, make decisions and take control of their environment. In order to gain the Eco School Label, the Green Team has been working through a Seven Step process, with support and engagement from all of our students, their families, and members of staff.

They are currently working on Step 3; “Developing an action plan”. Based on the results of the Environmental Review they conducted, they have decided as a team to work on the topic of Waste and are putting an action plan in place to reduce, recycle and rethink our waste at ISN, from the canteen to the classrooms!

“I joined the Green Team because I wanted to spread awareness about our impact on the environment and about the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.”


Global Goals

As a Globeducate school, ISN is fully involved in the Globeducate  Agenda that places the United Nations 2030 Global sustainable Goals at the heart of its mission and vision.

Therefore, ISN will be focusing on five of the UN SDGs, which are: Responsible Use and Consumption (12), Climate Action (13), Life Under Water (14), Life on Land (15), and Clean Water and Sanitation (6). The Green Team will be leading projects and initiatives linked to these goals, helping to educate and inspire our community to take action.

“As a Green Team member, I want to encourage our community to be more sustainable, waste less and protect our environment.”



We have regular events dedicated to learning about, reflecting upon and celebrating successes linked to Sustainable Development. Highlights include: