Welcome to the Globeducate Eco-Week at ISN Nice!

We are a community that not only inspires, supports and nourishes, but also cares for a more sustainable world, offering inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

During our Eco-week celebration, Eco-leaders, Planet Patrol members and Head Students invite you to join our audio tour exhibition "Nissa la Bella, from Pollution to Solution". The tour lasts approximately 20 minutes and is in English.

You can partake in the audio tour in any order, and at your own pace, but we recommend you follow the audio order number below.

The tour starts by the canteen, where you can see the exhibition from track 1 to track 9. Then, you will go under the stairs where you will find all the recycling bins (green, pink, yellow). After this, you will visit our future eco-friendly garden and our new compost area donated by la Mairie de Nice.

You will finish this tour at the reception where you will see our last bin, the 'core pile'.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition!

Audio Tour

Exhibition Welcome


Nissa la Bella, from Pollution to Solution


Best Practices for Recycling at ISN and Reducing Paper Waste


How Composting can Help the Community Reach the Sustainable Development Goals


Growing a Garden for Health and Well-being


Saving the Mediterranean from Plastic Pollution

How Long Until it Decomposes?


What Can and Cannot Go in your Blue Bin?


How to Dispose of Masks and Protect the Environment


What Can and Cannot Go in your Green Bin


What Can and Cannot Go in your Pink Bin


What Can and Cannot Go in your Yellow Bin


Eco Gardening



What are the Benefits of Composting Waste?


What Can and Cannot Go in the Core Pile Bin?


Thank you for Attending our Exhibition!


We hope you have enjoyed our exhibition, and that you feel motivated and inspired to continue contributing to a more sustainable future.
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And we have one final message from our Kindergarteners: