Pre-IB Program : Grades 9 And 10



In grades 9 and 10, the International School of Nice has as its core the International General Certificate of Education. IGCSE is a set of qualifications that provides a broad curriculum suitable for international schools. The program is designed to encourage high academic standards through a two year course in specific subjects, each leading to a final external examination at the end of grade 10.

Why offer the IGCSE for our students?


  • IGCSE is a high profile qualification with an excellent reputation.
  • IGCSE is a two year program with final examinations that provide students with essential study skills and preparation for the IB Diploma.
  • IGCSE is recognized as a reliable record of attainment which is an excellent support for a student’s application to universities and colleges.

To take into account ability levels and students’ strengths and interests, some subjects offer a choice between core and extended examination options. A successful delivery of the IGCSE curriculum requires a variety of assessment procedures that complement the more traditional examinations. For example, students are assessed orally in languages; they develop practical skills through laboratory investigation in the sciences and participate in collaborative projects and presentations in many subject areas.

Students sit the final examinations in May-June of grade 10. All examinations are set, corrected and graded externally by the examining body, either Cambridge International Examinations or EDEXCEL. At ISN, we feel that the experience of rigorous external examinations provides valuable preparation for the IB program. For the students, the IGCSE results do not directly impact earning a credit for graduation requirements at ISN, but are taken into consideration, along with the final grade awarded in grade 10, for acceptance onto IB Diploma courses.

The grading system of the IGCSE is distinct from the International School of Nice grading system. The IGCSE offers passes on an eight point scale ranging from A*-G. G is the lowest acceptable performance whereas the A* denotes exceptional performance.

Courses offered at the Core and Extended Levels at ISN in


             Examining Board

English Language
English Literature
English as a Second Language
Cambridge International Examinations
French First Language
French as a Foreign Language
Cambridge International Examinations
International Mathematics
Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge International Examinations



In addition to the subjects above, ISN offers a challenging and enriching Performing and Visual Arts program of the highest level in preparation for IB Theater and IB Visual Arts. At the Grades 9-10 level, the students take these subjects as internally created and assessed courses. This allows for a structure in-line with the requirements of the IB where portfolio development, presentation and interviews with an external examiner form the basis of the assessment. Economics is offered as an optional course in grade 10 as an introduction to the subject.

Graduation requirements at ISN guarantee that students maintain a balance in their studies at a time when strengths and talents are emerging and developing. This enables them to make informed choices at the end of grade 10 about their IB programs and eventual university courses.

Distribution of subjects throughout grades 9 and 10




Number of class periods per week

Grade 9

Study & Research Skills / PSHE
Mathematics Core / Extended
Co-ordinated Science
Physical Education
Block 1 : History or Computer Science4
Block 2 : Geography or Global Perspectives (Language and curriculum Support)
Block 3: Art or Drama (Optional semester courses)




Number of Class periods per week

Grade 10

English IGCSE ( Language and Literature / Second Language)5
French IGCSE (First or Foreign Language)5
Study & research Skills / PSHE1

Mathematics IGCSE

Core / Extended / Additional


Co-ordinated Science IGCSE

(Double Award)

Physical Education4
Block 1: History IGCSE or Computer Science IGCSE4
Block 2: Geography IGCSE or Global Perspective IGCSE4
Block 3: Art (Pre-IB) or Drame (Pre-IB)4

More information about IGCSE curriculum, please click here.


Preparing for the International Baccalaureate

In making a selection for a grade 10 program, it is essential that students reflect upon their combination of subjects. Course selection is crucial to future university choices as some courses require IB subjects to be taken at a specified level. The College Counselor offers assistance through interest testing, and further advice and guidance is available through the subject teachers, IB Coordinators and the Secondary School Principal.

Experiential Learning

Field trips and day excursions provide experiential activities for students that enable them to better appreciate what they have learnt through the curriculum. The hands-on discovery and application of knowledge not only help them to understand the world in which we live, but also are important elements in building character and forging relationships. These activities create links between the classroom and the external world and provide opportunities to generate questions that underlie our daily perspectives.

Residential field trips offered in the Secondary School




Curricular Focus


High School
Normandie, France
French, History
Cultural Development, History
Grade 10
Eagles Nest, Study Center, Cévennes, France
Geography, Biology


Students may also opt to participate in the following:




Curricular Focus


Arts and Theater  
London, England
Art, Theater, TOK
Visual Arts and Theatre
Nations (MUN)
The Hague, Netherlands
Oral presentation
Interaction with students from other international schools
Breil-Sur-Roya, Alpes Maritimes, France, UNESCO Heritage Site
Physical Education
Bonding adventure challenge


The program in grades 9 and 10 is designed to respond to the needs of our student population with the best matched tools and approaches. Our overarching aim is to promote skills and aptitudes for life-long learning that will ensure your child is equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Please contact our Academic Director, for further information about our program.


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