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SCHool Life

The school was founded more than four decades ago for globally-mobile families aspiring to international education on the Côte d’Azur.

Today, it provides an international education in English to around 360 students from 42 different nations. The average length of stay is six years, and more students are completing their entire primary and secondary education at ISN.

Two early years students balance whilst walking on the edge of a playground

The school has three sections: lower school, middle school and high school. Each section has its own programme; however, the overall objectives and expectations of the school are common to all.

Our 50-strong team of educators brings a great deal of teaching experience gained from around the world in multicultural school environments. Our teachers have an average of 15 years’ teaching experience and are part of the team, on average, for over a decade.

Every year, we warmly receive new ISN students and their families into our friendly community with the help of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members. The PTA is very active in the school’s social life.