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Model United Nations (MUN) is a longstanding tradition at ISN Nice and our High School students have been taking part for over 20 years. MUN is defined as an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the UN agenda.

At ISN Nice we use MUN as a great exercise for our students to develop and hone their skills in public speaking, group communication, event organisation, negotiation, conflict resolution, note-taking, writing and editing. Our students have also found it to be advantageous when applying to universities, as it shows a dedication to an extracurricular activity and an appreciation for diversity and tolerance for other cultures, traditions and ways of thinking.

Our MUN coordinator, Sergio Galvis, has been running the event at ISN Nice for 3 years. He says: “I have been part of MUN since I was in middle school and carried along this activity until my post-secondary education years.

As ISN coordinator I get to facilitate, educate and inspire my students, putting together their interest into concrete educated arguments ready for debate. I get to remind them to believe in themselves: that speaking to hundreds of people and persuading them to their point of view is possible. I get to praise them by training and welcoming them to the team, which allows me to see their progress as we participate in conferences over the academic years. I get to cheer for them, no matter how poorly they believe they are doing, I am there to tell them to never give up on themselves. I think that the MUN spirit is embraced by the ISN Nice community and hosting this year’s Globeducate MUN conference is an amazing opportunity to share our values with our partner schools."

“I’m interested in politics and this is a great way to learn about how the UN works”


Preparation for participating in MUN starts in the Primary School and continues through Middle and High School. Our Primary students take part in activities related to public speaking and debate, and they regularly present projects to their teachers and peers. In Middle School, students can take part in the International Speech Competition, an annual event involving the international schools in the region. Once in High School, students who volunteer to partake in MUN not only get the chance to role-play as delegates and ambassadors from across the globe, but also to take leadership roles behind the scenes in terms of organising, promoting and managing the event.

“Participating and especially creating our own MUN conference is an amazing and unique opportunity as it encourages me to understand and be involved in the political world.”


In 2023 ISN Nice is very proud to be co-hosting the Globeducate MUN with Mougins British International School, with participants attending from at least 25 other Globeducate schools. The event is to be held in person in Nice.