Pastoral Care

At the International School of Nice, our student's well-being is the foundation of our success.

An open-minded, caring and supportive community is at the heart of our identity. We strongly believe that students who feel happy and comfortable with who they are, will grow and develop into lifelong learners.

Led by the Director of Pastoral Care, our Pastoral Care team provides a complete education on well-being and mental health for our students, preparing them not only for post-secondary education, but also for life.

"Every student deserves to feel safe at school, and needs to know that they will be understood and supported whatever happens." Victor Fernandez, Director of Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Programme Includes:

Our parents say: 

“Being a parent of two children educated at ISN for several years, we believe that well-being at school is the key for a smooth access to knowledge and learning. From our experience we can attest that, thanks to the school's framework and to the kindness of the staff, our children can always find someone to support them and to listen to them at ISN. The creation of a pastoral care programme was essential to work in this direction and allows a personalised follow-up for each of our children. Thank you!" Sandrine

“Our children joined ISN at the beginning of the current school year. The change was daunting: new country, new school, and change in language of instruction. Integration and forming new friendships was always going to be a challenge. The pastoral care department at the school has played a key role in integrating our children into ISN school life. At the outset Mr. Fernandez took the time to meet with each child individually to understand their concerns regarding integration. After this meeting he arranged specific activities to aid with integration, has proactively followed up on their well-being and kept an open door to hear about concerns. Both our children speak very highly of how pastoral care has assisted with their integration at ISN" Parent, ISN

Our students say: 

“I really liked that we discuss our ideas and emotions. I also realised that, thanks to The Essentials course, I can help other people when they're in need."

“I like The Essentials because I can learn something different, that we need in life and that is important for our future.”

“I liked learning about new things that I would otherwise not have done. It helps to learn without having the pressure of any tests or homework.”

Meet Victor

A teacher and student walk down the corridor together in school

Victor Fernandez is our Director of Pastoral Care.

Victor is responsable for the strategic direction, leadership, and management of pastoral care structures and practices across the school. 

Our Essentials Programme (ISN's Personal, Social, Health and Emotional education curriculum), addresses 21st century questions and gives concrete non-academic knowledge and strategies to give ISN students develop positive self image, and manage internal and external pressures on both their school and personal lives.

Victor works closely with Mel Curtis, our School Director and Allison, our school counsellor, and the facilitators, homeroom teachers and our safeguarding leaders to ensure that students feel safe and supported every single day.

Meet Lois

Lois Baas is our School Counsellor.

Lois runs L'écouterie: a counselling space with an open-door policy that our students can visit any time they need advice, coping strategies or just a friendly face to listen to their problems. L’écouterie helps students feel safe and supported, so that they are comfortable expressing their true feelings.

With a background in Psychology, and experience in teaching, Lois also works with the Director of Pastoral Care to build The Essentials curriculum; guides ISN staff to help them identify student's well-being needs in the classroom; and offers workshops to the ISN parent community on topics that are pertinent to today's children and young adults.