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School Resources

ISN provides an inspired student body with a plentiful supply of material and digital resources to inform and extend learning at the school.

Well-informed faculty and support personnel, our most significant asset, guide students effectively, empowering them to use the school’s abundant resources to good advantage.

Our school’s resources support students to develop digital literacy, explore their strengths and passions, stimulate ambitions and, ultimately, discover well-founded routes to college or university.

ISN offers further support to aid a diverse learning community in accessing the curriculum, including support for bilingual learners to increase their English skills in our English learning environment.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) support

We warmly welcome children into our inclusive preschool, primary school and lower secondary community who cannot speak English at any ability level. The Young Explorers preschool class will be supported by a bilingual teacher and assistant.

ISN provides teaching of the English language to students with little or no knowledge of English. Such classes are small and are available to all students who need additional help in learning English in Grades 1 through 8. Extra support is given either as a small group or as additional support in the classroom.

Students exit EAL lessons when they have reached a standard high enough to function independently in the mainstream classroom.

The support enables students to use English with confidence and competence, progressing swiftly in our immersive English learning environment.

a female high school student talks to a teacher at an outdoor table

Special needs/specific learning difficulties support

Our highly-trained special educational needs co-ordinator and learning specialists liaise with our teachers to ensure we meet students’ diverse learning needs in our international environment. See the Learning Centre of further information.

The ISN Learning Centre provides individualised educational support for students to meet their diagnosed learning needs, supporting all students in accessing the curriculum.

Academic advising support

In the first years of high school, students select some of their subjects for Grades 9 and 10. Our counsellors offer assistance in establishing an individualised academic programme through an interview and an interest and aptitude test.

A student sits of a sofa and listens to advice from a teacher

Students also take an online university choice assessment. Further advice and guidance are available from subject teachers, IB coordinators and the secondary school principal.

College counselling support

ISN provides a thorough college and career counselling programme through qualified academic advising professionals to ensure continuity of studies and support students in entering universities all over the world.

In Grades 10 to 12, students have weekly counselling sessions focusing on the formulation of realistic post-graduation plans. Together with the counsellor students discuss university application processes and requirements, external testing requirements for each university programme and the differences in approach and demands of the various university systems internationally.

University admissions officers from the US, Canada, the UK and Europe visit the school on annual recruitment tours. Furthermore, people in our local community are invited to ISN to discuss careers with students. A library of reference books, university brochures and career planning materials is available.